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Sally Meadham
· 10 April 2017
I have been a Commuter Cycles customer for 5 years and have found them to be nothing but helpful, courteous, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable about their c...raft. For anything from a minor repair to a complete bike build, they have consistently provided me with excellent service, which I have not yet found at any other bike shop in Melbourne. See more
Linden Heywood
· 10 April 2017
Great little bike shop! Best place to go in Melbourne if you want to go (or be inspired to go!) bike touring/bikepacking. Mechanics/staff are super knowledgeable and provide helpful and thoughtful service.
Derek Scooterlabs Myers
· 27 June 2017
I've always dreaded entering bike shops due to the attitude that big lazy occasional riders like me cop from bitter failed race-boys.This week I went across to ...Commuter Cycles to pick up a part and was greeted by a bunch of dudes who seemed to be loving life. Friendly and helpful. Thanks dudes. I'll make the trek every time now. See more
Cat O'Bryan
· 11 April 2017
Commuter Cycles team gave my Surly Crosscheck a make over - handle bars, breaks, tyres and seat. Great range and so much more comfortable to ride now.
Can't say enough about the friendly service with real passion for cycling and commuters - hard to find these days!
Caitlin Therese Sullivan
· 9 April 2017
More abusive/ apologist bro culture in cycling at Commuter Cycles. A known abuser works there and another worker is surprised and said he'd never seen him act l...ike that to anyone... If someone tells you that someone's abusive, BELIEVE THEM! They're not going to make a public showing of their shitty awful behaviour! Fire your bro and make an apology. See more
Tamara Lunn
· 10 April 2017
Best bike shop in Melbourne. I've been going to commuter for about 8 years, because I always feel respected and that I can trust them for good advice and great bike servicing.
Yudi Lukman
· 25 May 2017
Lovely place, nice people. Thanks for the cardboard box and help with my left pedal. Lucky I didn't bring my wallet or card there, else I might spend a fortune :D Hope you all success.
Issy Hayes
· 9 April 2017
A woman abuser is on staff. Not a good way to open the bro dominated cycling world up to women
Mag Dalen
· 18 November 2015
Was looking for a Surly bike, sent a few emails to several shops and Will was the only one to get back to me. The guys at this shop are brilliant, exceptional s...ervice, very helpful and honest. I ended up buying a Soma Buena Vista and these guys fitted the stuff i need for the bike (racks, basket, dog lead, and dog trailer adaptor). They even went the extra mile to contact the distributor of the dog trailer which i bought second-hand to get me the spare parts i require. Lovely bikes they sell too. Highly recommended. Will be back soon as i have the Soma Wolverine set in my sights now! :) See more
Belinda Heyward
· 24 March 2015
Commuter Cycles has to be THE most accessible bike shop in town. All who work there seem to have been to super nice school: they offer their knowledge without b...ias to me, "an older woman". I really appreciate this as a gift, as often bike-speak can sound like a dialect which only boys understand. CC also has been, and continue to be, super helpful in answering the myriad questions I have. So go along and find out for yourself !!! Go on!! See more
Katie Sweatman
· 21 October 2015
These guys are amazing. Their number 1 priority is getting you on your bike and the comprehensiveness of their service is second to none. I bring my bikes here even though I can get a free service elsewhere, because I know the job will be done right the first time.
Naomi Tootell
15 June 2014
Hi Commuter cycles, I found a big mob of climbing gear at the bottom of Hope St this morning. Presumably stolen, probably from the Moreland area. I have the gea...r in the back of my car now, so if you know anyone who knows anyone etc. Will probably take to Moreland Police Station if no one claims it today. Cheers See more
David McLean
· 20 October 2016
I've been looking for a good bike service mob and it's these guys. Good service, great work, trustworthy advice, and they offer a courtesy bike! Very happy.
Megan Ann
· 1 June 2015
Finally found the place i'll be using for all services and repairs! These guys were so helpful and nice. I usually hate dealing with bike stores, but these guys were all really helpful! Above and beyond my other experiences elsewhere!
Michael Nicholas
· 11 May 2014
Best bike shop I've ever experienced. I dont need attitude and underlying aggression, I need nice people to help me keep my old warhorse alive. They've always b...een genuinely interested in what I need out of my bike. I highly reccomend this shop for the type of cyclist who is a true cycling lover, but is a commuter not a competitor. Thank you commuter cycles. See more
Elizabeth 'bootsie' Allom
· 3 February 2016
After having my bicycle serviced at Commuter, my bike is back to being an absolute joy to ride. Thank you Commuter Cycles you have succeeded where so many have failed. If you want expert advice and exceptional service look no future.
Hil Hgt
· 10 April 2015
Super helpful and friendly staff made getting a new bike (after 18 years) a delight! I felt like a clown on a tricycle before, and left as a galloping rotary gazelle. Thanks guys!
Georgie Fyfe-jamieson
· 16 May 2014
Helpful and friendly - a really great bike shop - and I've been in many! Any chance you can open up a shop south-side?????
Mark Jolly-Hockeystcks
· 19 June 2015
Thanks to the clever men at Commuter Cycles, who advised me how to fix my saddle, my bum is much happier on my bike. With many thanks.
Sarah Marie
· 10 August 2016
Thank you again for such a brilliant service! My bike rides like its brand new! Its always a pleasure coming in.