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Velo Orange Retro bottle cage


Velo Orange


Classic bottle cage which grips the bottle due to it’s spring-like design. Made from stainless steel rod. Typically looks fantastic on retro and classic bikes. This is the Mk II version. The VO Retro cage comes in two variants – Type 2 with a small retention hook and Type 1 without. The retention tab is useful as a second line of defense when using regular bidons however, the Type 1, without the tab, is great for carrying non-bidon bottles that are a similar diameter (like perhaps a wine bottle).

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  • Type 1 no hook
  • Type 2 with hook


These two-bolt seat posts have a generous 30.2mm of setback, among the longest ever. This is very important for those who ride leather saddles that often have  little fore-and-aft adjustment due to the short rails. The VO seatpost is internally ovalized to reduce weight to 301g. The adjustment is from the bottom, and the two-bolt design makes it easy to precisely adjust the seat angle. Also note that the head is integral with the post, not pressed on as on many modern posts. This makes them stronger and lighter. 27.2mm only x 300mm. Maximum height (above the min. insert line) is about 23cm. Available in gloss black or high polish silver.

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Type 1 no hook, Type 2 with hook


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