Surly Snuggnut


Like some of our other chain tensioning devices, Snuggnut keeps your rear wheel from slipping forward in the dropout under the pedal load of your powerful gams. It’s specifically designed for our bikes that feature 12mm horizontal, vertical-slotted dropouts and is particularly suited for singlespeed application. Snuggnut is CNC-machined for durability and good looks, and shares many design features found on  Tuggnut and Hurdy Gurdy.

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Note: The Snuggnut is compatible with horizontal thru-axle dropouts only. If using 10/12 Adapter Washers and QR wheels use a Tuggnut instead. Snuggnut is not for use with MDS Chips.

Compatible models listed below
ECR 29
ECR 27.5
Karate Monkey SS
Karate Monkey 27.5


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