Salsa Marrakesh Flatbar 2018


Marrakesh is our world-touring bike, designed for fully loaded, rugged exploration. Marrakesh is stable and predictable when heavily loaded, and durable enough to be strapped down to the roof of a bus jostling over a remote pass. Turkish dust around the bottom bracket and mud from Thailand’s monsoon season make just as much sense on this bike as all the stickers from the other countries you’ve visited do. When you’ve decided to stop dreaming and actually make that year abroad a reality, Marrakesh is ready to pile on the miles.

We’ve got a small and a medium in stock.


Cobra Kai CroMoly Tubeset

Our next generation, Salsa-designed, externally and internally butted 4130 tubeset, engineered from the ground up, provides a strong frame at an impressively low weight. Specifically designed for and found on select Salsa frames

Alternator Dropouts

The Alternator dropout delivers incredible drivetrain versatility. Run singlespeed or geared, QR or thru-axle, freehub or Rohloff. Set the Alternator dropouts all the way forward for a shorter wheelbase that results in quick and nimble handling, or set back for more stability—the power is yours. See our Alternator Page for more info

Salsa Marrakesh Fork Included

Steel, straight 1-1/8″ steerer, with stainless double eyelet dropouts, low-rider rack bosses and Three-Pack bosses

Marrakesh Alternator 135 Low-Deck Rack Included (with Complete Bike ONLY)

Designed for Marrakesh, the Alternator 135 Low-Deck Rack has a shorter rear axle-to-deck measurement that keeps weight lower and enhances loaded bike stability

Generous Tire Capacity

Marrakesh is designed around a 700c/29 (622 ISO) disc brake wheel and is compatible with 700c x 40mm tires with mud guards or up to 29 x 2.0″ tires without. Max. disc rotor size is 180mm

Touring Geometry

Marrakesh features a low bottom bracket for stability and standover, an adjustable chainstay length to tune wheelbase and turning characteristic. The front end is designed with 62mm of mechanical trail (66mm ground trail) resulting in a stable feel that still allows easy turn initiation when loaded

Flat Bar-Specific Sizing

Marrakesh Flat Bar comes in five sizes that are designed around flat bar setup and features the same upright and relaxed riding position for all-day comfort over varied road surfaces that the Marrakesh Drop Bar does. The XS size mimics the exact body/hand position of the Marrakesh Drop Bar 50cm, the SM mimics the 52cm, and XL mimics the 59.5cm. The Flat Bar MD and LG sizes splits the 54cm, 55cm, sizes 57cm Drop Bar sizes. Marrakesh Flat Bar offers a no-compromise solution for riders looking to tour with flat handlebars. Gone are the days for poor standover, short toptubes and extra-long stems that result from trying to use flat bars on a frame designed for drop bars

Versatile Cable Routing

The frame features housing guides and stops to account for everything; 1x, 2x, 3x, and Rohloff, along with full-length rear brake hose/housing

Downtube Shifter Compatible

Shifter bosses on the downtube allow the Marrakesh to be set up with indexed or friction shift levers directly, or adapted with housing stops to allow use of bar-end, trigger, or integrated brake/shift road levers on the bars. This versatility increases the odds of cobbling together a shifting drivetrain anywhere you might need to…when the adventure really begins

Multiple Bottle Cages

All frame sizes accept 3 bottle cages. Three-Pack mounts on the fork legs increase capacity to 5 bottles per frameset

Fender Mounts

All framesets ship with Alternator swing plates that feature fender mount bosses and the front fork dropouts feature double eyelets

Spare Spoke Mount

Located on the top of the left chainstay

Kickstand Plate

Because kickstands are highly functional and cool when touring, despite what roadies and mtb’ers might have you think

Multiple Cargo Loading Options

All frames feature rear rack mounting via seatstay bosses up high and the upper pivot bolt of the Alternator dropout down low. Our Alternator 135 Low Deck rack is specifically designed to integrate seamlessly with the Marrakesh frame and keep the load as low and close to center as possible. Other racks can be fitted with the use of the Alternator Rack Hardware Kit or P-clamps. The Marrakesh fork comes loaded with both Three-Pack bosses and low-rider bosses. This allows the use of either Anything Cages or low-rider racks if panniers are desired. Or consider the use of a frame bag within the front triangle

44mm Headtube

The modern standard for steel frames, this headtube increases front-end strength and stiffness, and allows for the use of forks with either straight or tapered steerer tubes


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