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Handlebar diameters keep gettin’ bigger. If you want to use your old bars in a new, larger diameter stem, we’ve got a shim for you. Varieties available to adapt 25.4, 26.0, 31.8, and 35.0mm stems for use with 22.2, 25.4, 26.0, and 31.8mm bars.

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  • 22.2 to 25.4mm AL
  • 25.4 to 26mm SS 35mm long
  • 25.4 to 31.8mm AL
  • 26.0 to 31.8mm AL



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22.2 to 25.4mm AL, 25.4 to 26mm SS 35mm long, 25.4 to 31.8mm AL, 26.0 to 31.8mm AL


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