Nitto Albatross Bar 550mm 25.4


Super comfy upright sweptback bar. Available in Heat-treated Aluminium or CroMo

  • Aluminium
  • CroMo


  • Comfortable upright bar.
  • Fits MTB style grips and levers.
  • 550mm wide with 60mm rise and sweeps back about 170mm.
  • Nicely finished as you would expect with Nitto.
  • Albatross bars have a 25.4mm stem clamp diameter.
  • Requires brake levers with 22.2mm clamp diameter.

Albatross Cromo is made of steel (alloyed with chromium and molybdenum.) This makes it strong, long-lived, and dependable. You sacrifice a bit of lightness stiffness compared with an Alu bar, but save money and gain peace of mind.

The Albatross Heat Treated Aluminum costs more than the Alba Cromo because of the high quality aluminum and the extra step of heat treating, and it’s both stronger and lighter. Otherwise, the Alba Alu and Alba Cromo are identical in shape and feel. Get the stronger HT Alu if you even think you’re going gravel grinding or will ride fire trails.

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Aluminium, CroMo


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