Apidura Backcountry Handlebar Pack




Apidura’s Handlebar Rolls allow you to carry a decent amount of gear underneath, or in between the drops of, your handlebars. This balances the weight of the gear in your saddle bag and means no rack is required making them especially useful for fast bikes and suspension bikes without rack mounts.

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  • Compact 9L
  • Regular 20L


Sizing: The handlebar roll comes in 2 sizes.

  • Regular is 20L and measures 200mm in diameter. It can be rolled to fit between 400mm and 700mm wide.
  • Compact is 14L and measures 140mm in diameter.

It can be rolled to fit between 350mm and 500mm wide. In both sizes the straps are 130mm apart.


Two simple straps, either side of the stem, mount either of these handlebar bags to any handlebar. If your bike has a suspension fork be careful to check the distance between your bars and the front tyre with the fork fully compressed. Most forks are air sprung and this is easily achieved by dropping all of the air pressure out of the fork.


The handlebar roll has a bungee cord in a figure 8 pattern which is useful for extra storage. We find this particularly useful for rain jackets which need to be quickly accessible and are wet after use. Further storage can be added on with the addition of the accessory pocket.

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Compact 9L, Regular 20L


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