Velo Orange Piolet

This bike is a niche filler. There aren’t many options for touring bikes that can tackle the sort of trails and fire roads that you’d usually need a mountain bike for. Velo Orange has just started producing one and they’ve called it the Piolet….

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Belinda’s Surly Light Haul Trucker

Belinda’s bike was a bit of an enigma. She came to us with a brief that didn’t at first make a lot of sense. She wanted a lightweight build on an old favourite of ours, the Surly Long Haul Trucker. During the build we affectionately nick-named it the Light Haul Trucker. Needless to say, by the end we were all convinced and pleasantly surprised with the result….

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Rack-less bikepacking bags by Revelate

We’re big fans of Revelate bikepacking bags and a number of us have been using them for some time now. We’re pretty excited to now have a decent stock of them for sale in the workshop. For those who haven’t stumbled upon it yet, “Bikepacking” is the recently-coined term given to off-road touring of the type that requires a fully-fledged mountain bike. Revelate Designs is an Alaskan company who make bags for this purpose….

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