A Beginners Guide to the Hunt 1000

Fancy doing a 1000km unsupported bikepacking route through some of Australia’s most rugged and beautiful high country?

Click through and download the “Beginners guide to the Hunt 1000” PDF that Huw put together, which shared his experience of preparing for, and riding the 2017 Hunt 1000 event in the hope of inspiring more people to take the plunge and give it a go in 2018….

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On the Monē

Cyclo touring is nothing new. Super awesome touring bikes are also nothing new, just ask the french…the original bike packers. The wide range of options one has available to go bicycle camping is growing all the time. At Commuter we’ve always taken notice of smaller companies who are making the best stuff to go bike touring with. Monē bikes has us so stoked on his new frames, and here’s why….

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Slidenight #6 – Bikepacking Peru & Slovenia

Our Slide Night #6 is showcasing two amazing bikepacking trips a couple of friends of the workshop have just completed. New recruit Pepper Cook jaunted off on a one month adventure around Peru while Damo and his partner Libby journeyed their way through Slovenia for a week while en route to Scotland. Join us for a double headed night of adventure tales and inspiration!…

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Swift Campout Melbourne Edition

Save the date, we’ve planned the Melbourne edition of the international Swift Campout. If you’re interested in trying camping by bike this is the perfect opportunity to give it a shot. You can expect a 30km ride, mostly on bike paths, to a Parks Vic campsite with a campfire. All you need is a bike, a tent, camping gear and warm clothes….

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Tour Divide 2016 with our man Gareth

I first went riding with Gareth a few years ago, it was a three day ride out to Woods Point and back with a group of friends. Gareth had been into road bikes for a few years but this was his first ‘off road’ ride, I’ll never forget the guy in the Bont carbon road shoes sliding down a very steep fire trail to camp one evening with a look of terror on his face, I think he was hooked! Fast forward to 2016 and Gareth is a serious contender in the world’s hardest MTB race, the Tour Divide….

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