Seems Like Business as (Un)usual?

Small update as of April 17th – we’ve made some small changes to the entrance of the shop. Yep, it looks kinda like a barn but in a friendly Mister Ed kinda way not a weird, scary movie kinda way. The good news is that this means we are accepting drop-in custom again and you no longer need to call us on the phone from the other side of the roller door. Most things workshop related will still require a booking. We still need to try to maintain a good one and a half metres from each other (don’t make us get the hose!) and we still can’t let you wander around inside the shop but if you want to see some product in the flesh and bounce some options around come and say hi. 

Once again we’d like to start by thanking the Commuter community for their support. It’s meant a lot to hear your positive feedback to the changes we’ve had to make. It looks like there’ll almost certainly be more to come, but for now here’s an overview of how we’ll be operating until you read another one of these updates.

Workshop Drop-Offs

We’ll be taking bookings as usual, and ought to be able to attend to your bike at reasonably short notice. Please make sure to call us before popping down.  Sadly we can’t offer you one of our ace Surly courtesy bikes at present.

Having a pretty big courtyard makes it pretty easy for us to facilitate drop off and collection without physically interacting with each other and, as weird as that is, it’s how we’ll be rolling. Give us a call from out the front, we’ll confirm contact details and issues you’d like sorted out. Then you can take off and we’ll come and grab your bike. Our workshop will perform an assessment and call you with a quote.

Once work is completed, your mechanic will call you and take full payment over the phone and discuss a pick-up time. Call us from out front and we’ll wheel your pride and joy out to you.

General Transactions

Unfortunately we won’t be allowing any browsing or shopping in store. Until further notice the indoor spaces at Commuter are off limits to all but staff. We hate this. We’re really looking forward to welcoming you back into this space but for now it’s in everyone’s best interests that we don’t hang out. All of our most popular product has been uploaded to our webstore and for now we still have ‘in-store collection’ as an option. We’ve also teamed up with Momentum Messengers to offer same day delivery to a bunch of suburbs and lowered our free-shipping threshold to $100.

Can’t find what you’re after on our webstore? Give us a call, have a chat and we’ll do our best to help.

New Bike Test Rides

This one is a bit tricky as we pride ourselves on taking the time to work with you to get you on the right bike. From today, all bikes listed on our website have a test ride request form attached to them. This asks for a few more details than our usual contact form to allow us to get bikes set up as near as possible to how you’ll want to ride them. Once submitted one of our staff will get in touch, chat about details and book a test ride for a time that suits you.

Once again, thanks for your support and we look forward to seeing you all again soon.

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