Important Safety Information Regarding Surly 8 Pack and 24 Pack Racks

We don’t want to start a panic, and we’ve always found them to be super reliable and tough, but Surly have asked us to let owners of their 8 Pack and 24 Pack racks know that they need to remove those racks from their bikes for a little while. Below is Surly’s official request.

‘Please ask customers to remove the racks from their bikes. Have them hang on to the rack and the hardware. We’ll be communicating next steps soon regarding what the resolution and process will look like. The solution we’re hoping to be able to go with will get the racks back up and on the bikes for safe use.’

If you own one of these racks, please either remove it yourself or pop by the shop and we’ll do it for you. If you have any questions at all feel free to give us a call at the shop.

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