Salsa Marrakesh flat bar package deal.

Maybe you are looking for one bike to do all the kind’s of riding you love. Maybe your small apartment only allows you one bike and you wish it could do all the things. Enter the Salsa Marrakesh! This Chameleon is just as at home commuting the city streets as it is touring dirt back roads on far flung cross continent excursions! For summer we are offering these with a package including the stock Panaracer Pasela slick tyres as well as some Maxxis Crossmark 29er tyres. This way we figure you can have your cake and eat it too. Run the slicks for commuting during the week then swap them out for some weekend dirt therapy. We’ve also decided the Jones loop bar suit these bike perfectly so you’ll get a set of these on the bike at no extra charge!

Free Jones bar upgrade on all Marrakesh.

4 thoughts on “Salsa Marrakesh flat bar package deal.

  1. Hi,. This package deal looks pretty good. It’s a little more road oriented and a bit less single track than I was considering but I’m curious none the less. Can you give me a bit more of a run down on this deal?

  2. Hi Shannon. Basically you get two sets of tyres. One for smooth pavement and one one for dirt roads and fire trails making it a very capable all roads touring bike. The Jones handlebars suit these bikes really well so we have thrown these in with the package. Come in for a test ride sometime.

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