Bullitt Cargo Bikes


Bullitt’s are as different as the people who ride them and with years of experience, we have developed what we believe to be the ultimate, do-it-all cargo bike.

Designed, built and ridden daily in Copenhagen and across the globe. 9 colour options and a diverse component and accessory line.

With quick delivery and availability, competitive pricing and a highly developed system of components and accessories, the Bullitt is the quickest, most flexible and durable solution currently on the market.

Framekits: $2750
(all frames are incl.: dropouts (free off choice) frontfork, steeringarm (complete), steering rod with spacer, EasyUp stem lifter, kickstand (aluminum) 2 headsets (1 x1,5+ 1x 1 1/4)

Alfine 8-spd build kit: $4945

Shimano Deore 2×10 build kit: $4945

Complete custom builds starting from $5000

STePS eBullitt complete from: $8000

Get in touch to discuss sizing and availability.

Drop into the workshop, call us on (03) 9388 1319, send us an email to info@commutercycles.com.au or fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you.


Available in all the colours!

  • Classic Black
  • Race Green
  • Pepper Red
  • Submarine Yellow
  • Bluebird
  • Milk Plus
  • Clockwork Orange
  • Lizzardking Green

The Bullitt Tech Specs

Frame material 7005 / T6 heat treated aluminium
Seatpost diameter 31,6 mm (34.9 seatpost clamp)
Bottom bracket English thread 68 mm
Stem extension EasyUp – 100 mm extension
Axle width of front hub 100 mm
Axle width of rear hub 135 mm
Brake Details
Maximum sizes of discs 203mm front / 180mm rear.
Front disc brake cable length 2350 mm
Rear disc brake cable length 1400 mm
Front wheel 20” – maximum size of front tyre is 2.0″
387ERD in combination with a front tyre 2.0″/32mm
Rear wheel 26” – maximum size of rear tyre is 2.0″
536ERD in combination with a rear tyre 700Cx32mm
Front 44/56mm (1.5″ / 1″ 1/8 tapered) inset
Rear 1″ 1/8th FSA Orbit XL II
Front fork
Steering arm CroMo with alloy CNC parts.
CroMo BMX type
Steering rod CroMo – 713 mm
*Balljoint connection to front fork is rubber covered
for improved weather protection.
Kickstand Reinforced aluminum with replaceable plastic feet
General All bolts, nuts and washers are stainless steel.


Dropout kits
External gearing
Vertical dropouts, for derailleur hanger, IS discbrake mounting, mudguard and rear rack threads.
This kit comes with adapters for D-mount or braze-on front derailleur.
Internal gearing
Horizontal dropouts, for internal geared bikes, IS disc brake mounting, mudguard and rear rack threads.
Coaster brake
Vertical dropouts with coasterbrake arm, mudguard and rear rack threads.
Weight information
Framekit, with fork & kickstand 11.5 kg (25,4 lbs)
Steering arm, steering rod, EasyUp, spacer & front clamp 2.2 kg (4,9 lbs)
Complete 8-speed Bullitt 22.3 kg (49,2 lbs)
Complete 7-speed Bullitt 22 kg (48,50 lbs)
Lightest complete Bullitt so far 15.42 kg (38,8 lbs)
Honeycomb board & attachments 2.8 kg (6,2 lbs)
Sidepanelkit (attachments and cover) 3.8 kg (8,4 lbs)
Canopy (attachments and protective sidebars) 5.7 kg (12,6 lbs)
Foldable Seat 3.4 kg (7,5 lbs)
Damper kit 0.6 kg (1,3 lbs)
Billboard + attachments 0.5 kg (1,1 lbs)
ABUS Protectus 5000 frame lock 0.8 kg (1,8 lbs)
Alubox 135 litre volume 7.0 kg (15,4 lbs)
Convoy Box 145 litre volume 13.0 kg (28,7 lbs)
Max Capacity (Including the rider) 180 kg (400 lbs)