General Servicing

The workshop is the heart of Commuter Cycles. We love fixing bikes, and have developed a process of our own that doesn’t rely on standardised service packages.

Our process

Each service is tailored to the bike and its condition, so please allow ten minutes when you drop your bike off for us to assess the state of your bike and determine what needs to get it running well.

We also factor in your budget and riding requirements so that we can offer appropriate advice, and select parts and accessories accordingly.


We don’t have fixed prices as the same set of tasks performed on two different bikes can take significantly different amounts of time. Instead, we give you an estimate of how much the service will be based on the labour and parts required for your bike.

Courtesy bikes

We have a small fleet of basic bikes that we lend out during same-day services to keep you on the road. Make sure to book ahead if you’d like one.

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Drivetrain Replacement

We can check your chain, cassette and chainrings for wear, and replace them if needed.

Like brake pads and tyres, drivetrains wear out with use. They wear as a system, so depending on the state of wear you might need to replace multiple parts at once. We can measure the wear and determine if anything needs to be replaced. We carry a huge range of components so that we can service bikes of any age and we are experienced when it comes to what works best with what.

Rohloff hubs

We are fully equipped to service and repair your Rohloff hub.

Routine maintenance

Rohloff hubs are unbelievably robust and reliable too, but they do need their oil changed every year of 5000km. We also have the specialist tools and spare parts for doing more serious jobs like changing the seals, or replacing cogs and rotors. If you don’t have a Rohloff in your life yet, ask us about a custom build or Vivente World Randonneur.

Mudguard Fitting

    We specialise in attaching mudguards in a careful, neat manner.

    Plastic or metal!

    Fitting guards is typically a 15 minute job for plastic guards, and between 1 and 2 hours for metal, depending on your bike. Once it’s done, and we’ve massaged everything into the right shape, it shouldn’t need touching again. Whichever material you chose, we’ll make sure the guards are a nice even distance from your tyres and that they don’t move or make noises. We can run dynamo wires inside the guards, work around disc brakes, and so on.

    Rack fitting

    We think hard about the best ways to attach front and rear racks to your bike.

    Rack fitting can be really simple or really complicated depending on your bike. If the bike has eyelets in the right places it’s a quick job, if we need to fit racks to a bike that wasn’t designed for racks it can be more complicated. This can mean choosing a rack that mounts off quick release skewers, manufacturing our own plates to get the rack to clear your brakes, etc. We always use the right combination of Loctite, grease, washers and spacers to make sure the rack doesn’t rattle loose.

    Hydraulic Brakes

    We can bleed and service hydraulic brakes, including Magura rim brakes.

    Different strokes for different folks

    Hydraulic brakes automatically adjust for pad wear, but they do need regular servicing, including bleeding. We can adjust brake calipers and change pads to improve performance and reduce noise. We can bleed (almost) any model, replace any pads, and replace parts on current models. Different brands require different tools, different sorts of brake fluid and different procedures – we’re broadly experienced and have amassed quite a toolkit.

    Paint and Powdercoat

    Give your bike a new lease on life with a fresh coat of paint or powdercoat.

    its all in the preparation

    To get a bike repainted we start by stripping it down and mask or blank off the parts you don’t want paint on. Then we can take it to our favourite bead blaster and powdercoater or painter. When it comes back we can prep it again by cleaning threads, facing surfaces, and so on, ready for the rebuild. If you’re doing a restoration, we can apply decals. Our powdercoater has a good range of colours is good at taking care of bikes.

    Custom Builds

    We love building bikes from scratch. This means working with you to decide which frame and parts will be best.

    a bike just for you

    Our customers often want a combination of things not offered by off-the-shelf bikes. There are also many good frames that aren’t available as complete bikes. We’re good at putting together a spec that balances your budget with your needs. We know which parts work well together and which parts fit a given frame. In the long term, getting a bike that precisely suits your needs is good value, since you won’t find yourself needing to replace it down the line.

    Frame Prep & Bike building

    We can prepare frames by chasing threads, reaming holes and facing surfaces. We can also then put the bike together for you.

    Do it right, do it once

    We have a really extensive collection of frame prep tools, allowing us to face head tubes, ream and face bottom brackets, ream seat tube, face disc brake tabs, and so on. We also regularly build bikes up from scratch and take pride in making sure we use frame saver, the right sorts of lubricants, locktite and so on to make sure that everything we attach and adjust stays where its meant to.

    Hub Gears

    We have extensive experience with hub gears. We can assess, adjust and overhaul all gear hubs.

    We work regularly on a number of different hub gears and have an extensive collection of tools for all the jobs. Each hub requires a different procedure and tools, as well as different lubricants. We regularly replace Rohloff, oil, seals, etc. as well as working on the more common Shimano Alfine, Nexus and Sturmey Archer hubs.

    Dynamo Lights & Charging

    We’re obsessed with dynamo lighting. We think they are the best lighting option for serious commuters and tourers. Nowadays you have option of USB charging too! We specialise in building dynamo hub wheels and then finding the neatest, best way to mount your lights and charging devices.

    We are constantly researching dynamo hubs and lights so that we can give you the best advice on which combination to get on a given budget. We also think a lot about how to fit the lights and where the wires should go. The end result puts the wires somewhere unobtrusive and protected. The light should cast its full beam in just the right spot. On some bikes this can be very fiddly, but once its done right you should never need to think about it again.

    Wheel Building

    We’re one of the relatively few bikeshops who specialise in custom wheel building.

    Custom wheels offer the combination of factors that best suits your needs. We keep abreast of which rims, hubs and spokes best meet specific needs. We can advise on every aspect of the wheel – spoke lacing pattern, type of nipple, and so on. We’re very careful about balancing the trueness and roundness of the wheel with nice even spoke tension. We have a number of custom made tools to achieve consistently great results.

    We build with a large range of brands, but of our favourites include White Industries hubs, H Plus Son, Stans & Mavic rims, and we use DT Swiss butted spokes.