Category: Rohloff

Rohloff LHTs

We recently built a pair of custom Long Haul Truckers around Rohloffs. Rolhoffs are great for touring and commuting bikes because they offer a wide range of gears in even increments, they can shift gears while the pedals are not being turned, and because all the shifting takes place in the rear hub there are no gear combinations and so no combinations to avoid. They are unbelievably robust and reliable too, needing an infrequent oil change and not much else by way of maintenance.


Tout Terrain

We're excited to have a Tout Terrain Silk Road on the floor now which is ready to be test-ridden. It's a tough steel touring bike with a built-in rack and a Rohloff hub. Ours is the Silver model, second to the Gold in quality and in price. It's a very German style of touring bike with flat handlebars, internal hub gearing, large tyres and disc brakes.