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Salsa Vaya GX now available!

Vaya is a road adventure and light touring bike, designed to handle any road surface, from pavement to gravel to dirt. The tubing selection and stable geometry across the line makes for a bike that feels great unloaded or loaded for a fast tour, soaking up unpredictable surfaces mile after mile, from one town to the next. Vaya is an extremely versatile machine, always ready and able if the path turns less than ideal.


Add bottle cage bosses to your frame

We do a few frame modifications here at Commuter Cycles and we like to do things properly. Installing water-bottle bosses so the holes are spaced and aligned correctly can be a little tricky. If the holes aren't in the centre of the tube, the bottle sits off to the side. If they're not aligned with the tube, it sits on a twisted angle. The best way to align the holes is with a drilling jig which takes into account all of these sources for error.