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Dynamo Lights Demo

Dynamo curious? Like the idea of having light to see by, not just be made visible? Never want to bother with buying or charging batteries, and taking your lights off your bike every time you park it?Together with Abbotsford Cycles and our key suppliers we are holding a demo night to show off the efficiency of modern hub dynamos, and the amazing light output and charging capability of the current crop of lights and accessories.


All of the lights

Last night we got together with Abbotsford Cycles and held a Dynamo Demo night to showcase and compare our favourite dynamo lights. It was a great opportunity to analyse the lights in action side my side in a controlled environment (unlit, closed road with no car traffic).


Dynamos and Dynamo lights

Hub dynamos and LED lights are two things in the bike world which have seen the greatest technological improvement in the last few years.  Recent generations of dynamo hubs are far more efficient than any previous dynamo system, and the lights that go with them are far brighter and far less power-hungry.  It has reached the point where the whole system is so efficient that any bike short of a race bike could be fitted with a dynamo wheel and lights and the only real down-side would be the expense.