Category: Adventures

Tour Divide 2016 with our man Gareth

I first went riding with Gareth a few years ago, it was a three day ride out to Woods Point and back with a group of friends. Gareth had been into road bikes for a few years but this was his first 'off road' ride, I'll never forget the guy in the Bont carbon road shoes sliding down a very steep fire trail to camp one evening with a look of terror on his face, I think he was hooked! Fast forward to 2016 and Gareth is a serious contender in the world's hardest MTB race, the Tour Divide.


Apidura long term test

We have been stocking Apidura bikepacking products for quite a while now. So we thought it was time for a run down of whats on offer in their ever increasing range. The Apidura kit has been getting a good work out from all the staff here. It has held up to quite a bit of abuse and we have been very impressed with the quality.


Surly ECR test ride

It is not every day someone goes out into the desert for a 2000km test ride but the Surly ECR demands that kind of attention. This ride was about testing both man and machine and seeing how new products are redefining touring as we know it.