2015 Vivente World Randonneurs in stock

The Vivente World Randonneur is the best value touring and heavy duty commuting bike available. Designed in Australia, Vivente have been perfecting their bikes for over 20 years. The latest range includes an upgrade to hydraulic disc brakes and two new models.

Fully featured and tough.

The Vivente World Randonneur comes with everything you need to hit the road. It has a comfortable, stable and robust Cromoly Steel frame. The frame includes all the braze-ons needed to mount 3 bottle cages, spare spokes, dynamo lights, mudguards, racks and a kickstand.

The World Randonneur comes in 5 different models based on various handlebar and drivetrain configurations. All bikes are equipped with high quality components designed to work reliably in demanding conditions.

Components shared across the range include:

  • Dynamo hub and lights with USB charging capability – SP PD-8 Dynamo, AXA Luxx Plus front and AXA Riff rear
  • Powerful disc brakes – Hydraulic Shimano BR-M395 or TRP Hylex, and cable  operated TRP Spyre (model dependant)
  • Puncture resistant, hard wearing tyres – Schwalbe Marathon 700x35c
  • Strong wheels to handle big loads – DT Swiss rims and spokes
  • Full coverage mudguards – 46mm wide polycarbonate with stainless steel hardware
  • Durable rear rack – Tubus Logo Evo
  • Tough and practical pedals – Shimano A530 or M505

The shb

Short for Sydney Harbour Bridge, the SHB is a completely new model aimed at serious Commuters. Riser bars offer a more upright riding position – perfect for around town, where comfort and vision is key. The brakes and gears are also easily operated from the primary hand position which is great for stop/start traffic conditions.

With a Dynamo light set-up, a Shimano drivetrain and hydraulic disc brakes, the SHB has everything you need to get you safely from A to B all year round.


The deccan

The drop bar, derailleur geared version, featuring Nitto bars and integrated Shimano 3500 STI brake/shift levers. Drop bars not only offer multiple hand positions, but allow the rider to get more aerodynamic when desired, which makes for a slightly more dynamic and faster ride.

The drivetrain uses a Sugino triple crankset paired with a Shimano XT rear derailleur. The cable operated brakes are our favourite – TRP Spyre. See the full specification on the Vivente Website.

the anatolia

The trekking bar version is aimed at Commuters and Touring cyclists. The versatile bars offer a more upright position, as well as providing multiple hand positions for longer rides. It’s perfect for around town, where vision is key, and the gears and brakes are easily operated from the primary hand hold position.


With a Dynamo light set-up, a Shimano drivetrain and hydraulic disc brakes, the Anatolia has everything you need to get you safely from A to B and beyond.


A virtually bombproof tourer, where simplicity and robustness are most desired. A Rohloff internally geared rear hub – engineered and made to perfection in Germany – is linked to a single chainring Sugino Mighty Comp crankset, giving the rider 14 gears over a large range. New for this model is an eccentric bottom bracket and a Hebie Chain Glider which completely covers the chain to keep you (and the chain) from getting grubby. Also features the same trekking bar and hydraulic disc brakes as the Anatolia.

Vivente World Randonneur Gibb

The swabia




The patagonia


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