Albert’s expedition ready Surly ECR

Albert was looking for a tough bike to take on the rough roads near his home town of Deniliquin. He was finding his cross bike just wasn't cutting it. The Surly ECR grabbed his attention and we worked on a build that would be good for long day rides and also longer trips into the outback.

The ECR is the bike you want for long days on rough roads when carrying a load, its the bike that takes you beyond where the trail ends and the wilderness begins. Albert chose to base the build around the ever versatile Rohloff Speedhub. Velocity Blunt 35s keep the rotating wheel weight down and add simplicity to the tubeless tyre set up. We added a really neat Sinewave Reactor to the top cap for USB charging of electrical devices through the Schmidt Son 28 front hub. Albert is really keen to get out exploring on his new bike and fine tune his kit for some adventures he’s got planned.

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