Linus Bikes

Linus bikes are slightly retro city bikes with nice modern parts on them and a classy consistent aesthetic.  They fall somewhere in between classic step-throughs and Dutch city bikes, with some of the nicely integrated parts you find on Gazelles, but with fewer accessories and a simpler look. We stock their Dutchi - a take on the Dutch city bikes exemplified by Gazelles, and their Mixte - a take on the classic French step-thorough design.



Like a lot of the bikes we stock Linus frames are made from steel – Hi-tensile for the cheaper models and cromoly for the more expensive ones.  This means that they last a lot longer than aluminium bikes and can be built with skinnier tubes than aluminum, without sacrificing strength or stiffness.  They are elegant simple-looking bikes with a single colour paint scheme, fairly minimal branding, hub gears and nicely integrated parts.

Like all our favourite bikes they are very practical and comfortable in all conditions thanks to reasonably wide tyres, mud guards, racks to get your load off your back, a fairly upright riding positions and good, smooth-rolling, reliable parts.


All of the Linuses we stock have gear hubs which help with the sleek looks and keep the frequency and cost of servicing to a minimum.  They also all come with racks and mud guards, so you can put them to use straight away for commuting in any weather.

The Dutchi at the name implies is a Dutch-inspired bike.  It is their most upright and has swept-back bars that come up and back towards the rider.  The 3 speed model comes in two sizes and the 8 speed model comes in one size.  Both are available in a few colours.

The Mixte is a French-style Mixte like the old Peugeots that are still getting around.  It is still failry uproight, though less upright than the Dutchi.It comes in 3 and 8 speed models.  The former has two sizes and the latter has one.

Come in and test ride one.


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