We stock a small range of new bicycles focused on city and touring bikes which are practical, reliable and long-lasting.


Allegro are a Melbourne-based company.  We stock their W3 and W1x9.  The W3 is a 3 speed step-through.  It looks a bit like an old Repco Traveller, but unlike most of the Travellers kicking around these days it works really well, with good modern brakes, hub gears and mud guards that don’t rub on the tyres.  The W1x9 is a Mixte with derailleur gears (nine on the back and one up front – thus the name).  They are both great value steel city bikes.

Allegro W3



Gazelle bikes are the classic Dutch city bikes with upright riding positions, practical integrated features like chain cases, mud guards, lights and wheel locks and a cohesive aesthetic.  They are available in a number of different models and each model is available as a step-through as well as with a top tube and come in a good range of sizes.

Gazelle Basic


Vivente World Randonneurs are an incredible touring package with great parts and accessories.  Buy one and you’re ready to go touring as-is, with dynamo lights, great racks, mud guards and so on.  They are nicely thought out with a bunch of cool features and they are unbeatable value.


Surly are a no-nonsense bicycle company. They make the best value touring bikes out there and always spec sensible parts that are reliable and great value for money.  We keep a Long Haul Trucker and a Crosscheck on the floor for people to test ride, then order them in for customers.  There are a lot of options for Surlys ranging from buying them with their stock parts and riding away, right through to doing a fully custom build from the frame up.


In addition to these bikes we also do a lot of full restorations on bikes ranging from period correct builds of 80s steel road bikes through to powder-coated and modernised step-throughs.

Blue Mixte

Custom Builds.

Finally, we do a lot of custom builds based around frames that customers already own or on frames from Surly, Rawland, Soma, Salsa and so on, which we can get in to order.